Light Healing Raises Healthy Vibration on Earth.

The Basic Premises:

  1. Trees are alive.
  2. Trees have spirit and show that they are intelligent systems.
  3. There is more than this physical reality. Einstein showed that ultimately, everything is Light; everything physical is the slowed-down vibration of Light.
  4. Light can heal, connect, and raise vibration.
  5. All Beings of Nature–including people–are connected–or should be to be healthy.  We are all one Being.
  6. Harmony and health can return to Earth through human collaboration with the wisdom of Nature–people need to #PartnerWithNature.

The Situation:

When trees and other living beings are stressed– #TreeStressors —  they get compromised internally, disconnected from each other, and most importantly disconnected from their own potential—that is, what they want to become. Trees and other living beings know what their ideals, innate potentials, and goals are.  The ideals resides in a dimensional space. Innate potentials flow from ideals. Their dimensional potential needs to be connected to their physical situation… so those ideals can flow from dimensional to physical.

The Problem:

Trees are sick. Ecosystems are sick.

There are more insects and disease organisms than ever before…but these are not the “bad guys.”  Their higher numbers and greater damage are simply indicators of how sick trees and ecosystems actually are. Remember: Sick or stressed tree comes first, then the insect or disease organism. Sometimes trees get stressed, then a first threat shows up. That predisposes them to a second threat.

Trees, plants, all ecosystem members operate in community. They communicate by singing to each other: it’s a vibrational reality that humans don’t hear. When trees and plants are sick, they send out an off-beat sound asking for help from their community. Who hears that “song” too? other organisms.  Also when sick or stressed, plants fall out of community.  They do so to save the rest of the community. There is more information about all of this in the Conroy and Alexander Tree Whispering books.

Various causes of sick trees and ecosystems:

  • Climate Change, especially extremes.
  • Pollution.
  • Poor care.
  • When people don’t come from the tree’s POV—rather when people come from a human point of view by thinking that they know what a tree needs instead of communicating intuitively with the intelligence in Nature and asking the tree or plant for its response.
  • And other stress factors.  Please join our announcment list and receive the document 7 Stress Factors and What You Can Do.

What is the result of stress?

Trees die. Species diversity is lost. Ecosystems loose coherence.  To name just a few.

What is A Good Solution?  LightWork

One viable solution is to energetically reconnect trees, plants, and all ecosystem members into community.  Dr. Jim Conroy discusses how he does his bioenergy-based work at length in his various books which you can find at the Store And More.  The book, Live and Let Live–Enlightened Stewardship, will also provide a description of his 11-Dimension Model which is helpful in understanding how he works with the many dimensions beyond the physical reality.

Briefly, his work is based on making an intuitive and bioenergy overlap of consciousness with living Beings, receiving their messages about their specific ailments or stressors, and receiving instruction from the wisdom of Nature as the right way to provide a new healthy pattern of consciousness and functionality into the system.

Dr. Conroy sets up a 2-way flow: trees to ecosystem, ecosystem to trees, with every being supporting each other. With a back-and-forth flow, their dimensional ideal and innate potentials can appear in THE PHYSICAL.

Dr. Conroy’s newest developments are not yet published and have to do with the interaction of LIGHT as not only a particle (quantum) and wave-form physical reality but also as a consciousness and dimensional reality.


The ultimate reason is for trees and all of Nature’s beings—including people—to thrive and grow.

The Results: A Beacon Network

Working with the LIGHT in his unique approach at each site in the USA (and soon, internationally) heals trees, ecosystems and whole areas.  Each site becomes a kind of an energetic beacon–like a radio transmitting tower.  A Beacon site is the combination of communities of trees and whole emergent ecosystems in a given area. Beacons contain raised vibration that radiates out the treatment patterns of health.

Then, that new whole becomes networked at a large scale with the other treatment sites resulting in the Beacon Network. Light builds the Beacon Network as a new synergistic whole—greater than the sum of its parts—that evolves at the place of treatment.  Beacon areas become interconnected and form a complex pattern across the continent.

This occurs at and between all Beacon sites. The treatments (called New Healthy Network Patterns) make the connection from the dimensional ideal to the physical. This brings about the full potential of the individuals into the physical and brings about the innate potentials.

You can Help: Whispering!

How?  Touch trees. Tell them you love them. Tell them  you want them to be healthy.  Ask them for their messages.

Do holistic care…

Do Tree Whispering.  Use the Healing Whispers® or Climate Whispers.  Send a request for the sets to Messages (at) TreeWhispering (dot) com.  Go to

By doing Whispers, people are helping to expand the Beacon Network that Dr. Conroy and his business partner, Basia Alexander, have created. It puts more of the same vibration and reinforcing the intention out into the world.