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  • What does the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance do?
  • Learning Cooperative BioBalance Techniques
  • The Institute’s Philanthropic Initiatives
  • Related Technologies
  • Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Founders and Staff


What Does it do?

Co-founder, Dr. Jim Conroy, says

“Since Cooperative BioBalance as a healing technology addresses issues about Nature being out of dynamic balance, the Institute takes on the mission of educating people about reestablishing dynamic balance in Nature. ”



Basia Alexander, Co-founder, explains

“Global shifts in both technology and philosophical perspectives are happening at a furious pace. Many people are looking for a reliable compass and sails that can give them stability, safety, and security as they navigate the unfamiliar waters of these times.  The best compass points to the true north of one’s own life values.

“Since Nature Lovers cherish the land and likely favor cooperative approaches, the Institute offers principles and practices that provide a comfortable yet powerful path through some of the chaos into a positive future.”


Learning Cooperative BioBalance Techniques

Yearly Live Workshop

The premier event of the year is our workshop at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, USA.  It’s usually held in June–the weekend AFTER Memorial Day.  PLEASE go to the Calendar at our sister website to find out about the next Workshop.


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Please send your inquiries about learning Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance to
Basia (at) CooperativeBioBalance (dot) com


The Institute’s Philanthropic Initiatives

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance is dedicated to creating philanthropic initiatives  for people to empower themselves, help trees survive, and become enlightened stewards of Earth., as its name sounds, is a place for people to find out more about how to protect trees from harm or ill-health. The site features people and groups who have stepped up to protect trees in their own backyards, in communities, and in the world.  If you have protected a tree, your work can be featured!  Find information about
•    preventative approaches to tree health
•    what to do when you need to take on city hall to protect trees in the town
•    how to find out where Champion trees are located, and then how to visit them.
•    trees as heroes in books.
•    tree celebrations world-wide.


BioBalancing techniques mesh with the new, proprietary Lightwork techniques that Dr. Jim Conroy is developing and using in key location all over the USA.







Related Technologies

Tree Whispering® Technology
Tree Whispering® begins as a personal experience of connecting and interacting with the Life Force of trees and plants. Non-verbal communication begins with expanding intuition and opening the heart.  Usually, people learn practical activities and simple bioenergy healing techniques called “Healing Whispers” which are done in partnership with trees and plants.

No products are involved in this technology.  It is based on energy-medicine techniques and new science approaches including intentionality and zero-point field physics. These respectful technologies are the initial steps into Cooperative BioBalance.


EPT TriangleLogo3x3EcoPeace Treaties™ Technology
EcoPeace Treaties™ are based on the fundamental idea: “Live and Let Live.” There are no “bad guys” in backyard, local, or even bioregional environments. Each living being has a drive to live and serves a purpose in its ecosystem—even if people label some as “invasives.” EcoPeace Treaties are the agreements forged by Dr. Jim Conroy between two organisms which are usually at odds with each other and with people.  EcoPeace Treaties serve to reconnect and interconnect those living beings in their ecosystem so that health, balance, harmony, and peace are restored.


Green Centrics™ Technology
Green Centrics™ is the professional, hands-on, bioenergy healing system that Dr. Jim Conroy created specifically for green beings, after being inspired by complementary bioenergy healing for human beings. To understand, you may think of plugging in a lamp––you don’t see electricity flow, but the light comes on. Similarly, you don’t see the energy connections made inside of the tree’s or plant’s parts/functions/systems, but it begins to grow and regain health in a holistic way. Since there are NO PRODUCTS used to get results, Green Centrics is a totally sustainable, earth-friendly technology.

Co-Existence Technologies
CoExistence Technologies™ is the professional-level, advanced bioenergy healing system that Dr. Jim Conroy created to address the interrelationships between trees/plants and their environments. CoExistence Technologies represent the needed paradigm shift in thinking to address all of the components of an ecosystem––trees, plants, insects, disease organisms, the soil/minerals, animals, the elements, and people––so that each and all are brought into healthy and interconnected relationships. It is also used to bring the multilevel and multidimensional framework of all of Nature’s organisms in an ecosystem into dynamic balance. It is based on the principle of “Live and Let Live.”


Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Founders and Staff

Dr. Jim Conroy, Co-Founder

  • Visionary Expert on Nature-Based Communication
  • Global Authority On Leading-Edge Approaches To Tree, Plant, and Ecosystem Health
  • Impassioned Keynote Speaker For Public and Professional Groups
  • Innovator In The Field of Invasive Organism Issues
  • Co-Creator of Tree Whispering® And Cooperative Biobalance®
  • Provides Professional Services On Properties, Estates, Forests, Parks and Large Gardens
  • Co-Leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Co-Author of The Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Teacher and Faculty At Prestigious Institutions
  • Researcher With Invasive Organism Studies In Colorado, In The Hudson Valley of New York and Connecticut, and in New Jersey
  • Researcher With Water-Ecosystem Studies In New York State and New Jersey.
  • Co-Founder of The Institute For Cooperative BioBalance
  • Publishing Executive
  • Organic Land Care Certification, Business Start-Up Coach, and Rose Grower


Ms. Basia Alexander, Co-Founder

  • Catalyst for Positive Change
  • Innovator in the New Fields of Conscious Co-Creativity
  • Co-author of the Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Co-leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Expert Nature Communicator and Earth Element Intuitive
  • Co-founder and Traveling Faculty, The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance
  • Director of its Initiatives: Tree Protector™ and Strengthen Forests™
  • Passionate Writer and Speaker
  • Masters Degree Candidate
  • Publishing Executive
  • Bioenergy Healer, Gourmet Vegetarian Cook, and Container Gardener

Melissa Bilecky, the social media manager, is an alumni of Felician University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications. During her time at Felician she was heavily involved with the university’s radio station. She was quickly promoted to Station Manager after just two semesters. Post-graduation she completed an internship with The Jersey Journal as a reporter and transitioned to the role of Digital Media Producer. She then returned to Felician as an Administrative Assistant at the Career Development Center, where after six short months, she was promoted to the role of Social Media Coordinator. Melissa has also written content for various blogs, such as Modern Day MS. Melissa is currently the Marketing Assistant at Peak Performances at Montclair State University. She is also working towards earning her Social Media Management certification from Centenary University. Moving forward in her career, Melissa plans to pursue freelance social media full-time because she is passionate about helping organizations utilize social media to achieve their business goals. Melissa received the Gold Alumni Award from Felician in 2016 for making outstanding strides in her career. Contact her at

Joan Lenart is a member of the technical team. She has certificates in informational data systems, master gardening and eco-therapy.  After attending workshops with Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, Joan says, “I have grown to respect nature in an all encompassing way. Every single thing has a purpose and the more I understand its purpose, the easier it is to live in harmony.”

While she has done some traveling, she yearns to experience the rest of the world. “I see life as an adventure!” she says.   Joan can be reached at