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Video: Upward Growth

A young Dawn Redwood tree says, “I lost my top!  Help me grow a new top!”

While BioBalancing® a young Dawn Redwood tree in Randolph, NJ, Dr. Jim Conroy sensed the tree repeat an instruction to him several times.  Finally understanding what was going on for the tree, Dr. Jim helped the tree strengthen its new growth.

In this video, Dr. Jim shows the tree’s tiny new shoot appearing at the break point and describes its need to grow taller.

September 26, 2012

Note new top has grown.




Videos, audios, and interviews

Water for Lodgepole Pines

Dr. Jim made another trip to Colorado to continue Institute for Cooperative BioBalance’s study with Lodgepole Pines and Pinebark Beetle. In this video taken on September 14, 2012, he explains the importance for a steady flow of water for Lodgepole Pines.

Videos, audios, and interviews

Cara from Daily Record Explains Cooperative BioBalance

We received a phone call about being included in an article about organic lawn care. As we discussed our work, Cara instead decided to include us into the following week’s theme on trees for Daily Record’s Grassroots section. She did such a wonderful job of explaining our work!

You can read the article below, or watch the video.

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Tree Whispering
Alternative medicine for a weary forest

8:33 AM, Jun 14, 2012
Written by Cara Townsend
Filed under: Grassroots

Jim Conroy believes that, like humans, trees and plants respond to touch, bioenergy and other alternative forms of healing.

Conroy, who calls himself the “Tree Whisperer,” intuits the health of trees and teaches others to communicate with nature in a way that will bring a broken ecosystem back into balance.

Along with Basia Alexander, he co-founded the Morris Plains-based Institute for Cooperative BioBalance. The two bring their hands-on tree-healing experiences to private residences, arboretums, institutes and research sites.

“It’s more than teaching people. It’s about giving people an experience,” Conroy said. “Tree whispering changes people’s relationship with trees, plants, insects, diseases and whole ecosystems.”

For seven years Conroy and Alexander have taught at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, where curriculum developer Susie Arnett says the ecosystem is “just blooming … it’s the greenest, healthiest place you could imagine.”

Conroy says he works to strengthen trees inner health; instead of trying to eradicate invasive species that devastate tree populations, Conroy says he brings the ecosystem back into balance.

“Today’s ecosystem is not connected. We move from one invasive species to the next, one disease to the next,” he said. “But these insects have a purpose. It’s about getting the trees healthy enough and bringing that dynamic balance back.”

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Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: Evans Ranch Report – It’s All About Growth

Dr. Jim’s Evans Ranch Report – It’s all about growth

What happens inside of a Lodgepole Pine tree? How can they become more healthy? How do the trees relate to the Pine Bark Beetle?

Find out in this fascinating video from Evergreen, Colorado.

Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: Ash Tree’s Growth Strategy

What is an Ash Tree’s Growth Strategy?  

Dr. Conroy asked an Ash tree and in this video to reveal its secret to you!

Through his use of non-linear knowing (intuition) combined with… Read more…

Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: Emerald Ash Borer & Ash Tree Make 1st EcoPeace Treaty “We Want to Live, Too!”

Insect and Ash Trees Make their first EcoPeace Treaty, 2012

The Emerald Ash Borer says that it wants to live, too. Dr. Conroy facilitates an EcoPeace Treaty between the Ash trees on the Omega Institute campus and a non-native insect working its way eastward from the Great Lakes, USA, area. The insect’s deep, innate intelligence explains what it wants people to understand.

Through his use of non-linear knowing (intuition) combined with his proprietary Tree Whispering® and EcoPeace Treaty® systems, Dr. Jim Conroy communicates Read more…

Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: Maple Tree as a Beacon

Maple Tree Becomes a Transmitter for EcoSystem Health

Initially, the Maple tree was not healthy enough to serve as an ecosystem beacon. But, after a hands-on bioenergy healing treatment from Dr. Conroy involving intuitive interaction with its internal functionality (parts, systems, and the aggregate of inner processes), the Maple indicated that it would transmit––like a radio tower––the informational content of the ecosystem balancing bioenergy treatment.

Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: What Does Dr. Jim Do?

The homeowner, asks Dr. Jim, “What will you do?”

Dr. Jim explains that he will do the hands-on bioenergy healing treatments on the trees that day. Then, he talks about when she can expect to see results.

Everyone needs to know that dead branches don’t grow new leaves. However the trees can still heal.

Videos, audios, and interviews

VLog Entry: Principles of Cooperative BioBalance

“Live and Let Live”– Principles and Possibilities of Cooperative BioBalance®

All the unusual weather. All the tree species being ravaged by insects and disease organisms. All the pollution and pavement. Nature is operating at extremes, not in dynamic balance. How can dynamic balance be addressed and even restored? Begin by understanding the basic principles of Cooperative BioBalance.

Videos, audios, and interviews

Video: What do the trees want us to know?

What Do the Trees Want Us To Know?

Hear their three main messages to humanity from Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer® and premier Nature Communicator.™ He has been talking with trees for years and provides hands-on bioenergy healing techniques for sick, stressed, and declining trees, plants, forests, and ecosystems.