#Help4Trees in Florida’s Hurricane Areas

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander

Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, are working in Florida a few months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria of 2017.

So many trees were damaged, but more than that, the trees still standing are not healthy.  The high winds and rains severely stressed the trees in the hurricane-hit areas.

With our Tree Whispering®, Cooperative BioBalance®, and Dimensional Lightwork, we are able to bring relief and restoration of inner processes to these trees and other ecosystem members.  The work is based on the employment of conscious intentionality in combination with  knowledge of trees’ inner functionality.

For example, these trees really need to grow more roots straight down. But, they lost leaves in the hurricanes.  So their ability to make more food is compromised.

By bio-energetically re-aligning their inner balance of food, nutrients, and water, we help them to manage their resources to grow more leaves first which will allow them to grow more roots quickly afterward.

These trees do have a chance to survive.

Practical actions such as bringing in more soil to cover exposed roots before they dry out would be helpful, too.

Soil and sand erosion on the beach at Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida.

Basia Talks about the Big Picture for Cooperative BioBalance and Tree Whispering

PLEASE CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW....Cooperative BioBalance works because the organisms of the whole ecosystem are BioBalanced.
P1020189 Jim 940
Dr. Jim is working early in the season on this backyard Apple orchard to help the trees become healthier and the ecosystem members bio-energetically interconnected.
P1290438 Jim
Before his work, the apples were small and misshapen. During the years since 2011, fruit has been large, well-shaped, juicy, and delicious.
IMG_1561 apples
2015, the little apples were plentiful in June, 2015. Incidence of disease--about 10% on the leaves--was within the parameters of the EcoPeace Treaty.
CBB Duo 062315 apples
October 17, 2015. The most bountiful harvest yet. Clean juicy apples and foliage with aboaut 10% incidence of disease organisms.
CBB Duo 101715 apples

2015 BioBalancing Old Apple Trees

Thank you for viewing the slide show above.  For more information, please go to the CBB & EcoSystem Results section at this site.

For a perspective on the EcoPeace Treaty, please go to the Mediated Treaties section at EcoPeaceTreaties.org.

2005. The Peach orchard on top of the hill at the CSG in Blairstown, NJ. Early work with peaches was called Tree Whispering and CoExistence Technologies. This evolved into Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties.
Genesis CSG Peaches 2011
E-IMG_1343 GloriousPeachCU
IMG_4054 042815
2015. Early peach and foliage is shown against the background of the grasses that agreed to harbor the fallen leaves and immature peaches so that the disease organisms could have a place to live.
P1030284 Jim 0729215 Genesis Peach

Peach Orchard EcoPeace Treaties over the Years

Dr. Jim Conroy’s work with the Peach orchard started in 2005 as CoExistence Technologies®.

Over the years, the Peaches helped him to develop the EcoPeace Treaty technology.

For more info, please go to Mediated Treaties and CBB Ecosystem Results.

Blog Talk Radio Interview by Carol Ohmart-Behan

Our friend and Tree Whispering graduate, Carol Behan, invited us to be on her radio show.  It was great fun to talk with her and explain what Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance is all about!

Carol Behan’s radio show, Voices of the Earth, on the Art of Living Well Network of Blog Talk Radio:



Healing Earth, Healing Self Interview by Chara Armon

HealingEarthHealingSelfChara Armon put together a fantastic telesummit with lots of wonderful speakers.  Conroy and Alexander were honored to be a part of this wonderful group.  Chara has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge.

However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

June 2, 2014, the Catalpa tree on the day of bioenergy treatment from the Tree Whispering® Workshop participants. The tree had leafed out late and was very thin.
Workshop participants engaged in bioenergy treatment with the tree.
In a very quick turn-around, the Catalpa tree is fully leafed out 19 days later.
IMG_2625 061914 Omega Catalpa
In autumn of 2014, the Catalpa tree is still very healthy.

2014 BioBalancing Saves Omega Catalpa Tree’s Life

Dr. Jim Conroy shares: “This tree was in a downward spiral of decline.  I could only feel the tree’s Life Force weakly–even tho it had leaves.  Then as the treatment was progressing with the students of the workshop, I felt something that I have only felt a few times before.
The tree’s Life Force made a turn upward.  In my inner intuitive hearing, I could make out the tree tell me that it wanted to live and was willing to use all of its remaining resources to give it a try.  It said that it would put out all the leaves it could so that it would have a chance to make more food for itself and to recover from the cold winter.
“This is a bit unusual, but in 19 days, the tree was fully leafed out. On my testing scale, it showed to be much, much healthier than it had been at the time the workshop participants and I did the healing treatment.
“Omega Institute’s management prizes this tree and was grateful that the class saved it. “

PLEASE CLICK TO SEE THE SLIDE SHOW. Dr. Jim Conroy on April 18, 2014, at the Omega property area called "Froggy Creek"
The Ash tree called "Meristem" at the Sharon, CT research site.
One of the Ash trees at the Salisbury, Ct research sites.
At the Sharon, CT, research site, the road is lined with Ash trees.
P1340926 sharon ct
May 6, 2014. The winter was harsh and Ash Trees tend to leaf out late.
P1350006 Leaf out late 050614
At the End of the season, the Main Ash Tree on the Omega Campus is healthy.
IMG_3443 Ash Main 082214
At the end of the season, a tree called 7th Heaven is healthy.
IMG_34207th Heaven 082214

2014 Ash/EAB Research Sites and Results

First visits to the Ash and Emerald Ash Borer EcoPeace Treaty research sites in 2014 were in February, 2014.  After a harsh winter, the Ash trees were leafing out rather late.  Since trees make food for themselves in their leaves, leafing-out late puts a stress on the trees.  They must use up their stored resources until the leaves are unfurled and in food production.

The structure of an EcoPeace Treaty is an up-side-down triangle. The organisms at the top, which are usually at odds with each other, come into dynamic balance when the agreement is mediated by Dr. Jim Conroy.  Please see the photo in the slide show above.

At the end of the season, the Ash trees were healthy and strong.  There was no sign of Ash Borer at any of the Hudson Valley or New Jersey sites.

For more detail, please go to Mediated Treaties and the EcoPeaceTreaties.org blog.



PLEASE CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . A Mighty Oak lives in this sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic near Princeton, New Jersey.
Mighty Quakerbridge Oak lives in this sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic near Princeton, New Jersey.
It is in 4 lanes of traffic. It was poorly pruned--see the harsh cuts in the upper canopy. Even tho it hasn't leafed out yet, Dr. Conroy can tell that this tree is starting into decline.
IMG_2346 oak in the road
It's still early in spring and the tree hasn't leafed out yet. See the historical marker in front of it.
IMG_2244 QB Oak
Early in spring, the Oak prior to leafing-out.
Early in spring, the Mighty Quakerbridge Oak prior to leafing-out.
TLC (Tree-Loving Care) for the Oak from a group of caring people who are offering this tree Healing Whispers from the sidelines.
TLC (Tree-Loving Care) for the Mighty Quakerbridge Oak, near Princeton, New Jersey.
A year later, on June 13, 2014, one of the participants texted a photo of the tree doing well. (We do not sanction taking photos while driving.)
IMG_2601 QB OAK 061314

Oak Tree Synergistically Balanced to Where it Lives

Tree Protector, Janet Nicoll, loves this tree and invited some of her friends, Dr. Jim and me (Basia Alexander) to provide some TLC (Tree-Loving Care) to the tree.

Lead by Dr. Jim Conroy, as a group we synergistically balanced the historic tree to help it cope with living in a tiny sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic. We used Tree Whispering® and Co-Existence Technologies™ processes.

George Washington and his troops followed this route, and the tree has a marker to prove it. So, the historic tree is protected–that means it can’t be cut down. The town had to build the road around it.  That’s a good thing.  Unfortunately, the historic protection does not protect it from bad pruning or the recent harsh winter.

We will be watching the tree as it leafs-out as spring progresses.


2014 Omega Workshop Participants Learn about the Ash Tree/Ash Borer Research Project

Participants at the 2014 Omega Institute Workshop learned about the Ash Tree and Emerald Ash Borer EcoPeace Treaty® research project first hand by going out into the Omega campus forest to connect with the Ash trees.  They learned about the EcoPeace Treaty in class, finding out about its crucial role in balancing ecosystems.