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  • Cooperative BioBalance asks that you…
  • What is Cooperative BioBalance?
  • What are the 3 Ways to Attain True Sustainability and Environmental Health?
  • What are the 4 Key Principles of Cooperative BioBalance.

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Cooperative BioBalance asks that you…

  • Think Outside of the Box of Current Assumptions
  • Change Ideas, Challenge Past Training, Adopt New Practices
  • Become a Protector of your trees and plants as well as your backyard-local-lobal ecosystems







What is Cooperative BioBalance?

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It’s an Attitude and Practices

Cooperative BioBalance is a new field of study and new practical techniques in which people form cooperative partnerships with trees, plants, forests, crops, and their related insect and disease organisms in an ecosystem––including invasive organisms––to bring livable dynamic balance to the biology. Hence the name, “Cooperative BioBalance.”

Cooperative BioBalance means that people collaborate as equals with the living Beings of Nature by using the philosophy “Live-And-Let-Live.”  It is possible for organisms such as insects and trees, diseases and plants, “invasives” and plants to co-exist.  In this new paradigm of thinking, killing is obsolete.

It’s a Technology

No products are involved in this technology.  It is based on energy-medicine techniques and new science approaches including intentionality and zero-point field physics. Through Cooperative BioBalance, ecosystem members to reunite and intercommunicate as a functional and healthy whole. Various ecosystem members such as bees, other insects, disease organisms, soil organisms, fungi, mammals, “invasives,” the elements, communities of living Beings, and people need to communicate bioenergetically and interact in synchronization for maximum health of the whole ecosystem.

How Does Tree Whispering Fit In?

Tree Whispering is the first step. It is done by allowing expanded sensory awareness and opening intuitive skills.  True stewardship in cooperation with Nature means “coming from Nature’s point of view” by ASKING and LISTENING to Her wisdom. When communicating through Tree Whispering, people ask and listen. Partnerships are forged for mutual balancing, healing, and sustainability.  Learn more about Tree Whispering at



What are the 3 Ways to Attain True Sustainability and Environmental Health?

  • Partnering with Nature as an Equal with All Living Beings.
  • Balancing Invasives by Bringing All Organisms into Livable Dynamic Balance.
  • Rejuventating EcoSystems as Connected and Interconnected Wholes.

Partnering with Nature.  People can begin to create true sustainability in their backyards and on the planet by forging equal and cooperative partnerships with all living Beings.  Trees, plants, insects, and all organisms have Nature’s wisdom; you can communicate with them through your intuition and sensory sensitivity. Think outside the box: acting in partnership is always possible by talking with an equal.

Balancing Invasives.  Challenge: realize that invasive organisms are a symptom, not the problem. Livable dynamic balance in all members of an ecosystem––including invasives––can be restored without products and without killing. Better stewardship of the land and the Earth begins with adopting the fundamental principle “live-and-let-live” and carrying out the new practices that go along with that idea.


Rejuvenating EcoSystems.  Ecosystems at all scales are fragmented and unhealthy. Ecosystems and their members––including people––need to be rejuvenated and renewed as connected and interconnected wholes.  That can only be done with innovative and proven bioenergy-based healing techniques. You can play the role of protector of ecosystems, starting right in your own backyard.  Effects are local and can ripple out globally because everything is connected on this planet.



What are the 4 Key Principles of Cooperative BioBalance

  1. “Live and Let Live” means collaborating in partnership and cooperation, not attempting to dominate or control.  Killing is obsolete.
  2. If all are healthy, trees and plants can live in dynamic balance (coexist) with insects, diseases, and related organisms, and vice versa.
  3. People can communicate with the deep intelligence in trees, plants, so-called “invasives,” and the other living Beings of Nature, and, therefore, can co-create and co-exist in a situation where everybody thrives.
  4. People need to come from the other living Being’s point of view and collaborate as equals by asking Nature first, with humility! People should not assume superiority or presume that they know best.

Founder and Chief Practitioner, Dr. Jim Conroy explains, “If the plants are healthy and their related organisms are healthy, then each can interact in a healthy manner with each other. The possibility then exists for each to live in harmony with the other.”

Dr. Jim continues, “Each organism has a will to live. Thus, the tree can be the tree, and the insect can be the insect, and a disease organism can be itself—all living in state of dynamic balance. But when the plants are unhealthy internally–perhaps due to a variety of abiotic stress factors–other life forms continue their biological activities until they destroy their host. Insects or disease organisms may or may not be out of balance at that point.”

Dr. Jim finishes, “If members of the Plant Kingdom are internally healthy and expressing their full potential, then they are being themselves. In doing so, other organisms that live in ecological relationship with them–being themselves at the same time–all have the opportunity to express their full potential and co-exist in balance.”



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