PLEASE CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW....Cooperative BioBalance works because the organisms of the whole ecosystem are BioBalanced.
P1020189 Jim 940
Dr. Jim is working early in the season on this backyard Apple orchard to help the trees become healthier and the ecosystem members bio-energetically interconnected.
P1290438 Jim
Before his work, the apples were small and misshapen. During the years since 2011, fruit has been large, well-shaped, juicy, and delicious.
IMG_1561 apples
2015, the little apples were plentiful in June, 2015. Incidence of disease--about 10% on the leaves--was within the parameters of the EcoPeace Treaty.
CBB Duo 062315 apples
October 17, 2015. The most bountiful harvest yet. Clean juicy apples and foliage with aboaut 10% incidence of disease organisms.
CBB Duo 101715 apples

2015 BioBalancing Old Apple Trees

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