2005. The Peach orchard on top of the hill at the CSG in Blairstown, NJ. Early work with peaches was called Tree Whispering and CoExistence Technologies. This evolved into Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties.
Genesis CSG Peaches 2011
E-IMG_1343 GloriousPeachCU
IMG_4054 042815
2015. Early peach and foliage is shown against the background of the grasses that agreed to harbor the fallen leaves and immature peaches so that the disease organisms could have a place to live.
P1030284 Jim 0729215 Genesis Peach

Peach Orchard EcoPeace Treaties over the Years

Dr. Jim Conroy’s work with the Peach orchard started in 2005 as CoExistence Technologies®.

Over the years, the Peaches helped him to develop the EcoPeace Treaty technology.

For more info, please go to Mediated Treaties and CBB Ecosystem Results.

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