PLEASE CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . A Mighty Oak lives in this sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic near Princeton, New Jersey.
Mighty Quakerbridge Oak lives in this sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic near Princeton, New Jersey.
It is in 4 lanes of traffic. It was poorly pruned--see the harsh cuts in the upper canopy. Even tho it hasn't leafed out yet, Dr. Conroy can tell that this tree is starting into decline.
IMG_2346 oak in the road
It's still early in spring and the tree hasn't leafed out yet. See the historical marker in front of it.
IMG_2244 QB Oak
Early in spring, the Oak prior to leafing-out.
Early in spring, the Mighty Quakerbridge Oak prior to leafing-out.
TLC (Tree-Loving Care) for the Oak from a group of caring people who are offering this tree Healing Whispers from the sidelines.
TLC (Tree-Loving Care) for the Mighty Quakerbridge Oak, near Princeton, New Jersey.
A year later, on June 13, 2014, one of the participants texted a photo of the tree doing well. (We do not sanction taking photos while driving.)
IMG_2601 QB OAK 061314

Oak Tree Synergistically Balanced to Where it Lives

Tree Protector, Janet Nicoll, loves this tree and invited some of her friends, Dr. Jim and me (Basia Alexander) to provide some TLC (Tree-Loving Care) to the tree.

Lead by Dr. Jim Conroy, as a group we synergistically balanced the historic tree to help it cope with living in a tiny sliver of earth between 4 lanes of traffic. We used Tree Whispering® and Co-Existence Technologies™ processes.

George Washington and his troops followed this route, and the tree has a marker to prove it. So, the historic tree is protected–that means it can’t be cut down. The town had to build the road around it.  That’s a good thing.  Unfortunately, the historic protection does not protect it from bad pruning or the recent harsh winter.

We will be watching the tree as it leafs-out as spring progresses.

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