BioBalancing reaches a new level with Live and Let Live-How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems

“Multidimensional Collaboration.”  That’s a big idea.  And so is the idea of healing ecosystems, but it can be done.

But Conroy and Alexander do their best to explain how people can easily collaborate with the living Beings of Nature.

Dr. Jim Conroy demonstrates how he has a multidimensional approach.  In other words, all living Beings exist not only as physical form but also as bioenergy and non-physical energy.  His new techniques explore the use of multiple dimensions to expand healing of trees, plants, and ecosystem members.

The biggest idea–an idea whose time has come–in this new book is Live and Let Live.  Dr. Jim shows that with an EcoPeace Treaty®, killing ecosystem members has become obsolete.

EcoPeace Treaties promise a thriving future for a fragile planet and humanity.

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The book is only available at the publisher’s website:


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