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2013 Deer and Garden EcoPeace Treaty Research Begins

The Director of an EcoLiteracy Center, farm, and community supported garden in New Jersey wanted to grow a demonstration vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard close to the edge of the forest.

She knew about my successful work with keeping the crops healthy which are grown on the top of her hill at the community supported garden. She did not want to put up a fence in her valley in order to keep the deer from eating the vegetables and fruit. The Director wanted a different approach, more consistent with her values. She asked for my help.

I had already done EcoPeace Treaties® for years, but never with mammals.

I decided to give it a try!  I connected intuitively with the Deer spirit . I didn’t actually see any deer. Communicating with their spirit is similar to when a person is on a cell phone call. I didn’t know where the deer were. They didn’t know where I was. But, we “talked” on the “intuitive channel.” This way, the Deer Spirit told me what deer needed and wanted. It’s always a two-way dialog. I asked questions. The Intelligence or Spirit of the Deer provided answers.

Spirit of Deer and I settled on an arrangement whereby I would mark off the areas that the people wanted them to avoid. They were willing to collaborate with humans and wanted a way to know where they were not supposed to go. They needed a marking system. Together, we decided on small utility flags as markers.

The green flags are not repellents!!!  They simply mark the areas involved in my agreement with the deer.

Please check at for any updates. SEE THE TRIANGULAR STRUCTURE OF THE ECOPEACE TREATY there.




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