"As the owners of a tree service company for over thirty years, we can honestly say that we have never seen the trees as challenged as in Hurricane Sandy. ...

— Renae’s trees and her tree service company in northwest New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy

P1290163“Hundreds of  trees fell to the ground, and yet there were so many clients that had experiences that were life altering.

“One woman had our service to her home because a tree had removed the entire front porch area and a good portion of the front of the house.  Yet, she joyously announced that the tree had just missed falling onto the rooms of her two children.  She was very grateful.

“I think that we have learned to appreciate life in whole, and each other with a new passion and gratitude.

“None of our clients were injured,  just personal property might have been damaged.

“As I am also a fengshui master with 18 years of experience, I have come to understand that the element of wood or “tree” energy in this ancient art represents the areas of family and ancestors, as well as growth and abundance.

“Trees need balance, just like humans. They need to be rooted into the earth, fed and watered so they can grow strong, expand upwards and tall into their full bloom, and when their time has come, they surrender back into the earth to begin again.”

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