"I live in Warren County N.J and the day before the storm I was putting pots and gardening things inside our shed. I felt a deep quiet as I was doing this work, there was an urgency but no sense of panic. When I was finished I went to all our trees (we have a small yard) and placed my hands on each one and read the Storm Prep Whispers email to them. ...

— Ellie C.’s trees in Warren County, New Jersey, after Hurricane Sandy

My concern was for a willow tree that is close to my home- it’s old and tall and a little ratty looking on the top-but I love her- she is magical and brings me great joy and I just know that fairies live under her.

Anyway I felt a deep connection as I was doing this work.

I also talked to the surrounding trees from my neighbor’s yards.

The storm came and the fierce winds were howling and scary, but I just kept sending them love, support and confidence.

Not one tree fell down even though they seemed to be bending in half.

We just had small branches in our yard. Our neighbors lost 2 sixty foot trees but they fell opposite the house sono harm done to any property- pretty darn amazing!  Thank you for your wise instruction, I believe it was this work that saved my trees.

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