PLEASE CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . June 1, 2012. A small group of Omega staff participate in the Tree Whispering meditation and healing techniques with the Catalpa tree.
P1240420 060612 AlysonSkip Treat Stairs
In the following weeks, the Catalpa sent out its beautiful blooms.
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2012-06-18 Catalpa w flowers
2012-06-18 Catalpa Flowers
2012-06-18 CU Catalpa flowers
August 16, 2012. The blooms have become seed pods.

2012 Following the Signature Catalpa Tree on Omega Campus

The signature tree for the Omega Institute campus is a great Catalpa that stands at the front of the dining hall.  Conroy and Alexander return regularly to do bioenergy healing with this tree  every year.  It flourished in 2012.

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