Video: Trees Do Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis Done by Birch Trees
If you suddenly lost 30% of your income, you would have to carefully analyze the relative costs and benefits of your activities so your wouldn’t overspend.

These birch trees in Randolph, NJ, USA, lost at least 30% of their branches… (click to see video…)in a freak October snow storm in 2011. That cost them food production capacity. They would have less leaves available in spring to create food to maintain their lives and little to no energy left over for growth.

Their situation was further complicated: their internal passages were blocked––like people with clogged arteries. They would have to use more of their stored energy to compensate for the blockages; further reducing their ability to create new growth in leaves, roots, and girth around their trunks. If trees stop growing, they eventually die.

But, when a tree’s internal functionality (parts, systems, and aggregate of inner processes or operations) runs more smoothly, it can not only sustain itself but can then commit more of its inner resources to add growth.

The hands-on bioenergy-healing Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics™ treatments provided to these Birch trees by Dr. Jim Conroy resulted in less internal blockages, more food production, and better distribution of those resources inside the trees. They can not only survive but can begin to grow again.

September 28, 2012

The trees have recovered!



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