Video: It’s a Privilege

Talking with Homeowner about Treating her Maple Tree: “It’s a Privilege”

“It’s a Privilege to touch the Life Force and Growth Energy of Trees,” says Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer.

Through his use of non-linear knowledge combined with his proprietary Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics® systems, Dr. Jim Conroy communicates with and does permission-based bioenergy healing on this Maple.

In this video, he tells the secrets of how this specific Maple’s inner functionality was healed. Inner healing occurs when a plant’s or tree’s inner parts, systems, and the aggregate of inner processes are bioenergeticly transformed and imprinted with new and healthy patterns of operation. It’s like plugging in a lamp: you don’t see the electricity flow but the light comes on!

And, since trees operate in community, Dr. Jim tells the homeowner about how the Maple will share the treatment with other trees.

She adds her interpretation of the work and asks Dr. Jim about what to do next.

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