“Potted” Sugar Maple, Blairstown, NJ

“Potted” Sugar Maple, Blairstown, NJ

Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer® said, “This tree wants to grow and be healthy. It is living in slightly cramped quarters for its size. This is like the tree has outgrown its ‘pot.’



“I suspect that not only is the tree growing in limited space but that it also has a rock layer below to limit root development. This space was fine when the tree was small. But as the tree grew bigger, the space was more limiting.  I had to balance the tree… …to where it lives so it can maximize its growth potential in the limited space The tree can survive in this area.

“I used my intuitive interface to communicate with the trees so that I could help it to increase circulation and get more fluids into the intercellular spaces of the buds. So as the cells begin to swell they are readily able to take up fluids.

“I was directed to work with the healthy cells in the buds so they would begin to divide rapidly at the appropriate time. The idea is to have healthy developing buds. Healthy growing buds will also help drive good circulation of fluids into the buds. This is a positive feedback loop.

“In addition, I was directed by the tree to work with its roots so they would put on additional root hairs for uptake of water and nutrients.

These steps should all help the tree with it’s goals to grow and be healthy.

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