Andy’s Morristown Beech: "I want to grow and get healthy"

Andy’s Morristown, NJ,  Beech:

Today’s Tree Whispering® treatment of a big old Copper Beech tree in Morristown, NJ, USA, was all about active new growth.

  • New growth in the top of the tree for new leaves and new tissue growth as a pair.
  • New growth in the roots (root hairs) for uptake of water and nutrients.

Active new growth drives healing of the tree and healing drives active new growth. A healthy feedback loop for the tree.  Cool stuff!

First step:  get circulation moving which means:

  • Xylem and the Phloem had to be opened to get circulation moving.
  • Uptake of water and nutrients had to be increased.
  • Then the plant chemistry had to be balanced. This is the ratio of food (sugars), water and nutrients.
If the tree’s circulation is not operating correctly and the tree is not taking up water and nutrients correctly, this would account for the plant chemistry being out of balance.

Later in the bioenergy healing treatment, Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, had to help move food, water and nutrients into the inter-cellular spaces. The cells of the tree were beginning to swell for Spring so food, water and nutrients need to be available to the cells. This also means the buds are beginning to swell. The cells would begin dividing soon.

Dr. Conroy says, “The tree has a goal.  It wants to to grow and wants to get healthy. It wants nice healthy leaf and tissue buds for growth and nice healthy new roots for uptake. In the reverse of that pattern, healthy growth and a healthy tree will help keep circulation open and keep the plant chemistry in balance.

“As I was in the zone with the energy of the tree and conducting this healing treatment, my attention was drawn to the branches of the tree.  They were waving like a graceful dancer moving her arms.  At the same time, I noticed a fragrance coming from the bark of the trunk. Truly a sign of approval and acceptance of the treatment from the tree.

“Wide fluctuations in temperature can happen in March. The final part of the treatment involved bringing the inner functionality into balance with those potential temperature fluctuations.

“See how the Phytopthora spots are clearing up from my treatment late last season?  Instead of red, bleeding spots, I see fading grey areas.  I’m always excited to see how a tree heals itself.  My philosophy is this: get the tree healthy and it can ward off the organism causing the canker on the tree.”

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