What is Cooperative BioBalance?

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Dr. Jim Conroy, Master BioBalancer®, and Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Co-founder and Principal Practitioner, Dr. Jim Conroy, says,

I find that the individual parts of an ecosystem––such as trees, shrubs, insects, disease organisms, the soil, the water, and the other living beings––cannot be healed or brought into balance without addressing and healing the ecosystem AS AN INTERCONNECTED WHOLE.

Since Cooperative BioBalance addresses issues about Nature being out of dynamic balance, it is not a bandage for a local problem such as invasive weeds in a local forest. By bringing the WHOLE ecosystem into balance, I find that the invasives don’t take over; they live in harmony with the healthy forest.



Ms. Basia Alexander, Chief Listener and Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

Ms. Basia Alexander, Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

Basia Alexander, Co-founder, explains,

Global shifts in both technology and philosophical perspectives are happening at a furious pace. Many people are looking for a reliable compass and sails that can give them stability, safety, and security as they navigate the unfamiliar waters of these times.

The best compass points to the true north of one’s own life values. Since Nature lovers cherish the land and likely favor cooperative approaches, the principles and practices of Cooperative BioBalance provide a comfortable yet powerful path through some of the chaos into a positive future.


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Cooperative BioBalance is a new field of study and new practical techniques in which people form cooperative partnerships with trees, plants, forests, crops, and their related insect and disease organisms in an ecosystem––including invasive organisms––to bring livable dynamic balance to the biology. Hence the name, “Cooperative BioBalance.”

Cooperative BioBalance means that people collaborate as equals with the living Beings of Nature by using the philosophy “Live-And-Let-Live.”  It is possible for organisms such as insects and trees, diseases and plants, “invasives” and plants to co-exist.  In this new paradigm of thinking, killing is obsolete.


How Does Tree Whispering Fit In?

Tree Whispering: Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants and All of Nature.

Find more information about Tree Whispering at our Sister Website, TreeWhispering.com

Tree Whispering is the first step. It is done by allowing expanded sensory awareness and opening intuitive skills.

True stewardship in cooperation with Nature means “coming from Nature’s point of view” by ASKING and LISTENING to Her wisdom. When communicating through Tree Whispering, people ask and listen. Partnerships are forged for mutual balancing, healing, and sustainability.

Learn more about Tree Whispering at www.TreeWhispering.com

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