Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Mission Statement 

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance stands for cooperative and equal partnerships among all of the Beings of Nature that will transform people’s role within ecosystems.

Institute co-founders, Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, have created a paradigm-shifting mind-set as well as bioenergy-based practical techniques. First, bioenergy balancing processes connect/interconnect and establish/restore dynamic balance among the multi-dimensional relationships within ecosystems–including all plants, insects, micro-organisms, and people in order to establish a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. Second, within that context, consciousness-based techniques are used to heal inner functionality within trees and plants.  It’s all based on coming from the point of view of the living Beings.

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance®’s mission is to:

  • transform people’s role from observers to protectors in their backyard, local, and global ecosystems,
  • foster cooperative and equal partnerships among all of the Beings of Nature–including people,
  • bring into people’s daily lives the principles of Cooperative BioBalance–such as “we-are-all-connected”
  • teach bioenergy-based practices such as Tree Whispering®
  • make the dream of healthy, vigorously growing trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems available to everyone, and
  • revolutionize ecological practices to follow a policy of live-and-let-live with invasive insects and disease organisms in ecosystems, bringing about sustainable dynamic balance.

A New Field of Study

Learning the principles and practices of Cooperative BioBalance can be a useful prequel––a first study––before engaging other studies such as arboriculture, farming, horticulture, environmental studies, Permaculture®, BioMimicry®, or BioDynamics®. By first learning to touch, heal, and communicate with the Beings of Nature through expanded perceptual abilities, by overlapping bioenergy fields, and with specific intentional consciousness techniques, the practice of those other disciplines may be more effective.

Initially, Tree Whispering gives people the tools to form cooperative partnerships with trees, plants, forests, and crops so that people can balance and heal those living Beings, and also feel good in body, mind, and Spirit.

Tree Whispering is the prerequisite to Cooperative BioBalance and is the initial step to balancing and healing activities that occur

  • within the Plant Kingdom itself,
  • among plants and related organisms, including diseases and insects,
  • and between people and the Plant Kingdom.

The Offerings

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance offers life-changing information and opportunities to engage including
•    White papers and information on the websites
•    Introductory Webinars
•    Beginners and Advanced Courses and Workshops
•    Blogs, podcasts and videos
•    Books
•    CDs and other media
•    Partnership Projects

Please contact Basia Alexander to express your interest.


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