Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Partnership Projects

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance is dedicated to creating philanthropic initiatives  for people to empower themselves, help trees survive, and become enlightened stewards of Earth.

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Tree Protector, as its name sounds, is a place for people to find out more about how to protect trees from harm or ill-health.

The site features people and groups who have stepped up to protect trees in their own backyards, in communities, and in the world.  If you have protected a tree, your work can be featured!

It will be a great place for kids to find out what they can do to help trees, too. Lots of outdoor activities and ways to unplug.  Kids can even create their own tree celebrations! There will be contests for tree-stories, drawings, and more.

There will be lots of information about
•    preventative approaches to tree health
•    what to do when you need to take on city hall to protect trees in the town
•    how to find out where Champion trees are located, and then how to visit them.
•    trees as heroes in books.
•    tree celebrations world-wide.

More initiatives to come…



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