Co-Founders of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance

Dr. Jim Conroy

  • Visionary Expert on Nature-Based CommunicationSquare Image of Dr. Jim Conroy
  • Global Authority On Leading-Edge Approaches To Tree, Plant, and Ecosystem Health
  • Impassioned Keynote Speaker For Public and Professional Groups
  • Innovator In The Field of Invasive Organism Issues
  • Co-Creator of Tree Whispering® And Cooperative Biobalance®
  • Provides Professional Services On Properties, Estates, Forests, Parks and Large Gardens
  • Co-Leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Co-Author of The Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Teacher and Faculty At Prestigious Institutions
  • Researcher With Invasive Organism Studies In Colorado, In The Hudson Valley of New York and Connecticut, and in New Jersey
  • Researcher With Water-Ecosystem Studies In New York State and New Jersey.
  • Co-Founder of The Institute For Cooperative BioBalance
  • Publishing Executive
  • Organic Land Care Certification, Business Start-Up Coach, and Rose Grower


Ms. Basia Alexander

  • Catalyst for Positive ChangeSquare Image of Basia Alexander
  • Innovator in the New Fields of Conscious Co-Creativity
  • Co-author of the Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Co-leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Expert Nature Communicator and Earth Element Intuitive
  • Co-founder and Traveling Faculty, The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance
  • Director of its Initiatives: Tree Protector™ and Strengthen Forests™
  • Passionate Writer and Speaker
  • Masters Degree Candidate
  • Publishing Executive
  • Bioenergy Healer, Gourmet Vegetarian Cook, and Container Gardener


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