Co-Founders of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance

Dr. Jim Conroy

  • Visionary Expert on Nature-Based CommunicationSquare Image of Dr. Jim Conroy
  • Global Authority On Leading-Edge Approaches To Tree, Plant, and Ecosystem Health
  • Impassioned Keynote Speaker For Public and Professional Groups
  • Innovator In The Field of Invasive Organism Issues
  • Co-Creator of Tree Whispering® And Cooperative Biobalance®
  • Provides Professional Services On Properties, Estates, Forests, Parks and Large Gardens
  • Co-Leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Co-Author of The Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Teacher and Faculty At Prestigious Institutions
  • Researcher With Invasive Organism Studies In Colorado, In The Hudson Valley of New York and Connecticut, and in New Jersey
  • Researcher With Water-Ecosystem Studies In New York State and New Jersey.
  • Co-Founder of The Institute For Cooperative BioBalance
  • Publishing Executive
  • Organic Land Care Certification, Business Start-Up Coach, and Rose Grower


Ms. Basia Alexander

  • Catalyst for Positive ChangeSquare Image of Basia Alexander
  • Innovator in the New Fields of Conscious Co-Creativity
  • Co-author of the Popular Series of Tree Whispering Books
  • Co-leader of Tree Whispering® Introductions and Workshops
  • Expert Nature Communicator and Earth Element Intuitive
  • Co-founder and Traveling Faculty, The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance
  • Director of its Initiatives: Tree Protector™ and Strengthen Forests™
  • Passionate Writer and Speaker
  • Masters Degree Candidate
  • Publishing Executive
  • Bioenergy Healer, Gourmet Vegetarian Cook, and Container Gardener


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The Staff

Clements-16.1-825x510Dave Clements, WordPress Consultant. Dave is originally from the UK and graduated from college with a degree in Civil Engineering. Now, he’s busy running his WordPress business, specializing in creating functional and useful websites for small businesses and individuals.
Dave enjoys studying and living out sustainability and environmental responsibility. He’s a husband to Martina, has completed his family with two lovely children, and enjoys films, comedy, photography and technology.